1. Men love everything about women; they really do irrespective of the looks.   There are days I will apply no make-up or leave my hair half-done and yet I’ll still make my cash goal, and I am grateful. 
  2. Most of customers are really fun to talk to, which makes work a desirable place to be. To date, I’ve only actually felt terrible with small handful a few times.
  3. The girls are great set of ladies. Like any workplace, if you treat your co-workers well, they reciprocate by treating you well too. I often describe the staff as a kind of naked sorority. 
  4. You don’t need a perfect body to be considered sexy by customers and earn income. I weighed 117 lbs when I started stripping. Now, i weigh about 135 lbs and make the same money. Although I have a special type of diet to keep my body and heart in shape.
  5. Despite the fact that I know what I’m doing, men hit on me constantly. It doesn’t stop them in the least. With all the negative stereotypes, you’d think this wouldn’t happen.  We’re generally not allowed to meet up with customers because it can be construed as prostitution in some instances and put everyone’s job in jeopardy, though. Sorry!
  6. As a result of intermittent sweat from the body, strippers excessively make use of deodorant, body spray, and make-up real much often. It adds up, one of the expenses of the business.
  7. Although most customers mean well and do treat me well, some still need more education on proper strip club etiquette.
  8. The people who make our jobs difficult are the people who come in with the mindset that we are prostitutes and not dancers. I’m a professional tease.
  9. Pole tricks are a great workout. Even with my experience as an athlete, my arms are much stronger.  I’ve been doing extra push-ups to prepare too.
  10. People in general are not threatened by my job, and I’m happy. I’ve met a lot of beautiful people (inside and out) and seen real team work in action. Therefore I’m okay with what I am doing.